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Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art Design | Phoenix Nail Bar Gainesville, FL 32608

Halloween Nail Art

Nail art is no longer limited to coating your nails with your favorite color. It went beyond that and embraced new styles and techniques to decorate and beautify your nails. Available in a variety of stunning patterns and styles, shapes and charms. The design is varied, different and completely innovative. You can always choose your own style from numerous nail art designs. But with Halloween coming up, we've put together some of the best ideas for you.

Pumpkin Halloween nail art designs are attractive. The color is so rich and deep. The smiling pumpkin has a Halloween theme and looks great on your nails. This design is so unique that it will add a flashy shine to your identity and will make it stand out no matter what Halloween party you are attending.


Nail art design by Phoenix Nail Bar in Gainesville FL 32608 | Nail salon in Gainesville 32608

Juicy reds are rocketing up the style charts this fall. But why is this news? You’ll notice that the most delicious red nails of all, favored by discerning fashion folk, are gentle on the eye and more romantic in their undertones. We’re not suggesting that chilli pepper and other bold reds don’t have their place. But for a more modern, up-to-the-moment look, a mouthwatering set of cranberry nails or a drop of claret, have found their way to the top of our color picks. Remember, you can extend any shade to your lips to accent the beauty of your hands. Soft red is a color that works just as well on short nails, long claws or a pout. So the only question is, how red-dy are you?

Zombies are typical Halloween characters. We watched them in all scary movies when we were younger and they are still goose bumps to us. You can actually experiment with zombie Halloween nail art designs for this Halloween. This way you can look unique and create an atmosphere of spooky and horror..

When you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is the witch. Witches are supernatural in nature and are evil characters with enormous potential to cause destruction. They were still some of the most popular Halloween nail art designs. If you could get something like this yourself, there would be no such thing. This is one of the best Halloween nail art designs.


Are you obsessed with yellow manicures? As one of the hottest shades right now, this bright hue is sure to make a great addition to your manicure routine. You can rock these at the beach, the office, or a night out with your friends – they match all events. Plus, it’s impossible to ignore. Yellow is associated with the sun and warmth. From sunny patterns to zesty art, there is something about yellow nails that will flatter everyone’s taste. Women who accessorise with punchy yellow nail polish tend to be spontaneous, extroverted and bohemian, with a unique sense of style.

Nail Extensions

(Price quoted are starting prices. Prices for different lengths/shapes/designs will vary)
IBD Builder Gel Pink & White Full Set $65 +
IBD Builder Gel $55
Pink Fill $35 +
Extra Gel Color $13

Full Set

Overlay $35 +
Classic $40 +
White Tip $45 +
Pink & White $55 +
Ombre $60 +
Dip Powder $45 +
Gel X $55 +
Gel Extensions $55 +


Overlay $30
Classic $35 +
White Tip $35 +
Pink & White $40 +
Ombre $45 +


It’s time for the reason you’re here—learning how to make nail polish last longer. Try the tips below to keep your manicure (and pedicure) in prime condition.
Apply thin coats of nail polish.
Change your nail polish formula.
Dry your nails with cool air.
Polish across the free edge of your nails.
Opt for short-shaped nails.
Reapply top coat every two to three days.
Avoid getting nail polish on your cuticles.
Apply cuticle oil and cuticle cream.
Wear gloves while doing household chores.
Roll your nail polish bottle.
File your nails and layer with a top coat.

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